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Openbox Motorized Outdoor HDTV Antenna | Enjoy Same Quality and Warranty. Get Best Value!

Refurbished LAVA HD2605 Motorized Outdoor HDTV UHF/VHF Antenna With 20% More Gain
Item # BA2605R
Retail price:$83.95
Sale price:$57.95
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  • Enjoy Same Warranty. Best Value!
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  • This has been tested and is guaranteed to be in good working order.

    * User Manual and Install Instructions
    Note: Please connect the antenna directly to your TV sets rather than through the cable outlet at your house, it might have some power issue if you connect it through your cable outlet.

  • 100% Customer satisfaction

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    This is the most powerful outdoor HDTV antenna that we carry. By looking at the VHF and UHF gain, you can see how much power the antenna has.

    HD2605 is a much stronger antenna unit. Best for those who really need more gain from your location. For some reasons, it might affect picking up signals which is not too far from user's location. So if most of the broadcasting towers are within 40 miles, usually we would recommend our indoor antennas (i.e. BA700, HD600, etc.) or outdoor antennas(HD-2805).
    Also due to various restrictions, we cannot guarantee that which channels the antenna must pick up.

    Product Dimension: 22 inch X 30 inch X 4 inch

    VHF/UHF HDTV antenna

    Easy Installation
    1. Assemble the antenna as diagrams instructed from A to H
    2. Use; iron pipe to install the antenna. For best reception, put the antenna at the highest point of your roof or at a space that has clear open view.
    3. Connect the Antenna using the included RG6 cable to the central control unit. ANT IN port. The control signal will go through the cable to rotate the antenna.
    4. Connect the control unit TV OUT to your TV RF input.
    5. Connect the power adapter.
    6. Scan Channels from your TV menu.
    7. Start to use the antenna and enjoy the HDTV.

    Frequently Asked Questions MORE FAQs

    YES! The antenna works on any standard TV or HDTV. You can use your analog TVs with a DTV converter box and at the same time have the access to digital TV broadcasts.

    YES! HDTV broadcasts quality is often superior to the quality of the same HD programs received through a paid satellite subscription. Not only the quality is better, OTA HDTV is free of charge. To pick up HD signals you will need a HD antenna.

    YES! HD antennas are much easier on the budget. Take a look at our HDTV Antenna selection.

    YES!Over 90% of HDTV broadcasts are on the UHF band. Unless there are HDTV broadcasts on the VHF band in your area, don't bother with VHF antennas. These antennas are typically of much bigger size, more expensive and more difficult to install. In principle, you can buy a VHF/UHF antenna to cover both bands

    YES!If you want to pick up signals coming from different directions you need either two directional antennas or an antenna rotator.

    If you have any other questions.Send us an email.

    Frequent ask questions:

  • 1. No power on the control box?
    If there is no power on the control box, it may be problem on the Power adapter or the control box. You can test the power adapter to see if the adapter is OK or not first. If your adapter is still work, then the problem should be with the control box. If your adapter does not have any output, then the adapter may be defective. You can contact us to replace the defective part under the Warranty period.
  • 2. Remote no light up?
    If your remote control does not light up when you press the button, open the batteries holder to check the batteries. Replace the batteries to try again. If you change to new batteries and the remote still not light up, the remote may be defective and need to be replaced.
  • 3. Can not rotate the Antenna?
    The Antenna is designed with rotor motor inside. The Rotor is controlled by the signal from the control box inside your house. If you install the Antenna and can get signal but can not rotate the Antenna, you need to test the rotate button on the control box.
    Tap your finger on the rotation button on the control box, if the green light flash on, then the control box should work OK and control your Antenna, check the connection wire make sure that all the cables are connect correctly.
    If you tap your finger on the Rotation button and the green light not on, it means the control rotation circuit has problem with the box. You need to contact us for replace of the control box.
    If your control box can control the rotation but the remote can not. Check the problem 2 to see if your remote light up normal first. If your remote light up when you press the button but the Control box did not response, then may be the remote or the control box has problem. You can contact us to replace the remote first.
  • 4. Can not find the RED CAP from the package?
    The red cap was replaced by the built-in black one, and it can be found at the one end of the square pipe.

  • Specification:

    Frequency(VHF) 40 - 300MHz
    Frequency(UHF) 400 - 890MHz
    Gain(VHF) 28 - 32dB
    Gain(UHF) 32 - 36dB
    Power Source 15- 19 VAC
    Max. Rotation 360˚
    Impedance 75Ω
    Max. Output Level 105 dBV
    Working Voltage 110V ;10%/60Hz
    Operating temperature 14F - 122F

    Antenna Dimension: 22 inch X 30 inch X 4 inch

    PACKAGE Includes

  • Antenna Main Unit *1
  • V-frequency Vibrator * 2
  • Main Pole Column * 1
  • Motor-fixed Bolster *1
  • Square Pipe * 1
  • U-frequency Vibrator * 5
  • Black Square Cap * 1
  • M5 Butterfly Screw * 5
  • M4x12mm Screw *4
  • M4x10mm screw * 4
  • M4x18mm screw * 1
  • 3" 75Ω RG6 Cable * 1
  • Central Control Unit Box * 1
  • Remote Control Unit * 1
  • AC Power Adapter * 1


  • High quality far ranging reception.
  • Parabolic focusing reception
  • Infrared remote control
  • UHF/VHF TV and FM radio
  • All direction rotation
  • Built in high gain booster
  • Built in low noise circuit
  • UHF/VHF HDTV Antenna with remote control.

    Note: Due to various restrictions, we cannot guarantee customers which channels they can pick up. Customer should be responsible to those reception issue. If customers are not satisfied with outdoor HDTV antenna's reception,authorization and shipping instructions (with RMA # ) can be obtained from our customer service representatives. Return your product via UPS or USPS with RMA# marked on the surface of your package, prepaid and insured, for your protection. And shipping fee is non-refundable. it is customers' responsibility to cover the shipping cost to return item. NO Restocking Fee Needed!

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