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Openbox LAVA HD-700A Indoor/Outdoor HDTV Antenna
Enjoy Same Quality and Warranty, Get Best Value!

Home Antenna - UHF/VHF/FM Antenna Digital & Analog TV Reception

Refurbished LAVA HD-700A Indoor/Outdoor HDTV Antenna
Item # HD700A-R
Retail price:$57.95
Sale price:$42.95

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Receive Range UHF/VHF/FM
Frequency 40-860MHz
Gain 25dB+/-3dB
Impedance 75Ω
Max. Output Level 95 dB�V
Working Voltage 110V/60Hz
DC Input 12 V

Indoor HDTV Antenna Range Map Outdoor HDTV Antenna Coverage Map Mount and install a Outdoor HDTV Antenna

Offer subject to adjustment due to returns, cancellations and exchanges. Not valid on previous purchases or purchases made in Home Antennas stores.

  • Designed for Indoor and Outdoor, Powerful reception.
  • Comes with Amplifier, A/C Adapter and 3' RG6 Cable.

  • Three minutes easy installing
  • Clear picture with least disturbance; plus a satellite signal connector and filter

  • Anti-UV coating and waterproof design for durability
  • 360 rotating support, can be adjusted to all directions
  • Advanced RF technology with perfect signal reception

  • 100% Customer satisfaction.
  • Similar Model Retail over $120.00 at BEST BUY!
    Similar Model Retail over $110.00 at Radio Shack!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    YES! This indoor/outdoor HDTV antenna works on any standard TV or HDTV. You can use your analog TVs with a DTV converter box and at the same time have the access to digital TV broadcasts.

    YES! HDTV broadcasts quality is often superior to the quality of the same HD programs received through a paid satellite subscription. Not only the quality is better, OTA HDTV is free of charge. To pick up HD signals you will need a HD antenna.

    YES! HD antennas are much easier on the budget. Take a look at our HDTV Antenna selection.

    YES!Over 90% of HDTV broadcasts are on the UHF band. Unless there are HDTV broadcasts on the VHF band in your area, don't bother with VHF antennas. These outdoor antennas are typically of much bigger size, more expensive and more difficult to install. In principle, you can buy a VHF/UHF outdoor antenna to cover both bands

    YES!If you want to pick up signals coming from different directions you need either two directional antennas or an antenna rotator.

    Three easy set up steps:

    Step 1: Connect the HDTV antenna to the coaxial antenna (ANT IN) port and turn your TV to the proper input. (usually indicated as Source or Input on your remote)

    Step 2: Turn your TV to an HD over-the air channel (find available HD channels) and hold your HDTV antenna in various positions to find the ideal permanent spot.

    Step 3: Enjoy free HD!
    If you have any other questions.Send us an email.

    Customer Review

    Thank you for the indoor / outdoor HDTV antenna it is a fine product! Thank you again for the great product and I wish you all the best in your business's future!scalan...

    One thing that made them so great was the graphics. The graphics were so lifelike that I felt as if I were actually in the game, not sitting in my recliner.

    If you live in a moderate signal area, but have trouble with digital signals dropping in and out, this indoor/outdoor HDTV antenna may just solve your problem. It is good gain on the high-band VHF and UF bands, and is compact and well-made.

    The HDTV antenna I bought delivered reliable reception on all channels with all signal strengths in the +%90 range with no

    It has performed very good. There are two metro areas where many TV stations are located and I can pull in all VHF stations and 3 UHF stations from those areas. However, I am located atop a 700 foot hill that is probably higher than other hills or forested areas. I would say it was a good

    I live about 30-35 miles from the towers in a neighborhood with lots of trees. The HDTV Antenna added 10-15 points to the signal strength of all the stations it is pointed at and so far not a single drop out or lost

    Please share with us your story. Send us an email.


    Receive Range UHF/VHF/FM
    Frequency 40-860MHz
    Gain 25dB+/-3dB
    Impedance 75Ω
    Max. Output Level 95 dB�V
    Working Voltage 110V/60Hz
    DC Input 12 V

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