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Home Antenna's Digital HDTV Antenna Reviews and Testimonials

Our customer reviews for Digital Outdoor and Indoor TV antennas

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Order: *****507
Title: *****
Body: Have purchased a few antenna's. Have been satisfied with them all.

Order: *****313
Title: *****
Body: I purchased the Lava Omnipro HD-8008 hoping to pick up a few free channels in the remote area I live in and was pleasantly surprised when I set it up on a 25 foot pole and was able to pick up 43 channels and the best part is that they are all free!!!

Order: *****484
Title: *****
Body: This was my first purchase. It was easy to understand. And checking out wasvery clearly explained.

Order: *****385
Title: *****
Body: Thank you for help people like me that we not use the TV all day long and do not need and extra cable payment in our budget.

Order: *****342
Title: *****
Body: Had one before . Like it very much

Order: *****293
Title: *****
Body: I am surprised that such a small antenna worked so well knowing that it had abuilt in amp. It went way beyond my expectations.

Order: *****274
Title: *****
Body: Very helpful and very fast with a response!

Order: *****242
Title: *****
Body: I mounted this antenna in my attic, on a wooden mast, and it brings in 32 channels! I am more than pleased! I will be ordering another for my travel trailer. Great little product for the money!

Order: *****203
Title: *****
Body: Picking up 9 more chanels

Order: *****185
Title: *****
Body: good product. third time i buy this product

Order: *****134
Title: *****
Body: I am very satisfied and wish to purchase other products in the future.

Order: *****961
Title: michael leone
Body: I just wanted to say thanks for all your help you guys are no 1 .i also spread the word about your bussiness to my close friends who in turn put orders in for your products .they could not believe the prices i told them and i ask my friends to go to your site when they did my phone never stop ringing .everybody just couldn't believe what they had seen .thanks again

Order: *****870
Title: ******
Body: I have already purchased a antenna for our cabin in the woods and it works great.

Order: *****853
Title: ******
Body: Have had good service in the past. thank you.

Order: *****957
Title: Payne
Body: I am impressed with this merchant. I received my purchase sooner than expected, with no difficulty. My antenna arrived well packed in unopened box. This antenna is so-o great! It has ended my frustration, and helped greatly to return my blood pressure back to normal. I have it outside because the reception for any device inside my basement apt is extremely low. Outside, I get all local channels (no cable) plus a few from UK, AJK.etc. The price is great. I have spend more trying to get adequate reception. I recommend this Hands Up!

Order: *****185
Title: *****
Body: I love this antenna. We have a cabin that we could not get reception in and this works wonderful. I also told my brother in Texas and my friend in Kansas about this and they both ordered one too! LOVE IT!!!!

Order: *****586
Title: *****
Body: I really like the service I received at your company!

Order: *****752
Title: *****
Body: Purchased this antenna previously and have been very satisfied with the service.

Order: *****397
Title: *****
Body: I have tried to order the same product several times from another vendor. even sent emails asking for assistence. finally found your site and bought same item for a better price. Hopefully it will arrive shortly.

Order: *****338
Title: *****
Body: talked to a live person, not a recording.

Order: *****944
Title: *****
Body: Jack was very helpful!! Thank you....

Order: *****820
Title: Blanchette
Body: I Purchase it 3 weeks ago . I put it up on a 30ft poll Had a accident Wind blow it down before it was secure. Ordered parts that brock.Dont like the all plactic But it seems to work great .Have 38 channels and havent use the rotor yet im pleased

Order: *****145
Title: Will
Body: I purchased a LAVA HD2605 Motorized Outdoor HDTV Antenne about two Months ago from your online store. What a great product! I used it to replace an HDTV Antenna I had purchased about a year earlier for over twice the price and am I glad I made the latter decision. My old Antenna had to be lifted and turned to gain signal strength about 5 times a day. What a pain it was. It was touted to be one of TURK's finer indoor/outdoor amplified antennas, but I found it to be one of TURKs fineer curling bars because that's all the good it did me was help build my forearm strength lifting and maneuvering it so many times a day. I think I actually got a half decent workout lifting that TURK(ey) around trying to find it's sweet spot just so I could watch the Local evening News.

The LAVA HD2605 was easy as pie to assemble. It was together in about 5 minutes and mounted on my Patio. I barely have to even rotate it because it amplifies the signal so well that almost all of the local channels can be received at all times of day and night in a single position. If I do have to rotate the antenna it's a snap with the remote control and it's over 360º turning radius. I have had several friends comment already about the signal I receive and when I tell them that it's not Cable, but Over the Air they flip! I gave them each your web link and hope for their sakes that they looked you up. I swear that the over the air signal is that dramatic with this Antenna that it really makes you sit up and notice.

I am serious about this praise. I got rid of Cable Television a few years ago and watch strictly OTA or Internet content. My new antenna has made watching over the air television a wonderful experience again. (so far as television itself is concerned that is) Thanks for selling such a useful product and at such a reasonable price.

Happy Holidays and I hope you all have a wonderful and profitable New Year.

Order: *****193
Body: Won't have to pay for dish , and am excited to get this item !!

Order: *****280
Title: flashmiles
Body: Provided this antenna works as said, I will be very satisfied

Order: *****721
Title: cruzamer2
Body: Thank you Home Antenna and Very Happy Newyear to all of you.

Order: *****803
Title: jjwolfhound
Body: nice site and works well

Order: *****664
Title: dtmans
Body: I have purchased four of these antennas and am very satisfied with the product.

Order: *****393
Title: breed1281
Body: This is the 2nd product purchased from this company. First was an antenna for a friend. He liked it so much and saved money on cable bills so I decided to buy one for myself.

Order: *****812
Title: imrojo
Body: My home antenna I recieved works good. I would reccommend to a friend. It came packed very good. So far satisfied.

Order: *****103
Title: bill
Body: This is my second, I am very happy with the product

Order: *****318
Title: John Diehl
Body: have purchased this product before and it is a very product. They also gave me good support when I have problems

Order: *****251
Title: foye mizelle
Body: I am well pleased with Home Antenna.

Order: *****174
Title: Marcia Falco
Body: I bought this for my daughter because I bought one for myself a few month's ago and really like it so much.

Order: *****263
Title: Josh Walter
Body: Love my antenna, just purchased this on as a X-mas gift for my sister, and brother-in-law

Order: *****584
Title: Anna Cooper
Body: I have made more than one purchase at HomeAntenna and I'm very pleasd with each one.

Order: *****163
Title: Mark Grant
Body: The description and prices are very good and makke it easy to purchase. The explainations and ordering process is cumbersome.

Order: *****460
Title: Augusta
Body: This is my fourth purchase from Home Antenna , couldn't find a better product or a better price any where else. Never a problem dealing with this company...

Order: *****278
Title: Partridge
Body: I recently purchased this same antenna and like it so well I am ordering the second one. We get several stations that we could not receive with our old antenna. I thought I had a coupon/discount from my last order but could not locate it.

Order: *****994
Title: kleve
Body: I bought one about a 10 days ago and now my brother wanted me to order one for his fish house,,i receiveing more stations than I thought i would..

Order: *****859
Body: Clear picture, good deal, fast shipping, nice service;last but not least, FREE cable! No other words I can describe how good it is. Thank you home antenna.

Order: *****192
Body: I found the deals online and it looks like a really good price. The antenna came two days ago. I spent some time studying how to mount the antenna. It only took me total less than an hour to be done. Then I rescaned my TV set and more than 40 channels came out on my TV. Some stations even have hd quality picture. I am calling my cable company to cancel my subscription today. I am going to order some for this year's Christmas gifts. Hooooooray!

Order: *****973
Body: Price was fair. Shipping was free. Delivery in only a few days. The antenna worked as advertised, although it takes some practice. Well worth getting if you can't afford or are at war with the cable provider as I am here in Dallas.

Order: *****554
Body: I am very happy with the product. Saves me about $38/month once put up and working properly. Some stations still get a little snowy and/or messed up but most of the time the HDTV works well. I am up in the hills, high up with the Mountains around me but I still get a major city about 100 miles away. I bought three antennas, but now find I need to return one due to the fact that two works well for three TVs located in various areas of the house. But all in all I am very pleased with the antenna(s; I bought 2605 and 2805. Keeps the satellite, cable and other legal thieves out of my pocket on a monthly basis. I have pitched the Home Antenna product on many blogs regarding the above-referenced thieves as everyone should know that they don't have to PAY for TV quite yet. Give it time though.... Excellent product; highly recommended.

Order: *****380
Body: I was not able to install the HDTV antenna in my attic. This antenna is NOT for a novice installer for a 2 story building with a 8/12 pitch. You will need at least a 24 foot extension ladder but, I think a 32 foot ladder is better so that you can extend the ladder past the roof line so that you will have something to hold onto past the roof line. A 32' ladder is safer to use. The antenna does not come with a roof mount or pole. I bought a pole from Lowes (RCA brand). I had a roof mount form my previous satellite dish job. I was able to modify them and put the pole and roof mount together. Antenna is mounted on the small end of the pole. Cable was not long enough for a 2 story building. I able to extend the cable (RG-6) with the supplies that I had on hand. Total cost if I had to buy the extra supplies including the HDTV antenna would be $150 to $200. The ladder is borrowed from my brother. The ladder cost $400. I am very lucky, I did not have to buy one! For me the cost was minimum with the supplies that I had on hand but, for someone else... I am not so sure. The HDTV antenna works GREAT! The picture quality is better than the cable service!!! Picks up all the local HDTV/analog stations. I do not pay for cable service anymore but, I do subscribe to HULU Plus. Internet TV is AWESOME!!!!!! I have a smart HDTV and a smart bluray. Broad band internet is a MUST! Roadrunner gives me 15 megabits per second at $39.95 a month. Recommendations: Fire the cable service and keep the broad band internet service. Internet HDTV has more TV that you can handle for less money!!! Thank you!

Order: *****969
Body: When we tried our new HD TV with Riabbit antenna only 3 channels With the new Antenna from Home Antenna we got 18 channels!

Order: *****941
Body: i cannot believe how fast i received the product in perfect shape all parts their

Order: *****648
Body: Our family is working on simplifying in order to survive these trying times. Our investment in an antenna was one of the ways we chose to cut cost in our home. Our cable bill was over $50 a month – my husband came across Home Antenna’s website while surfing the web. He decided to give them a try because their antenna had the greatest range - 150 miles. We shopped around prior to our purchase and did not find anything comparable to this antenna for the price. The antenna was shipped on time, arrived in perfect condition and was very easy to install. We get over 30 channels with our new antenna – we are EXTREEMLY HAPPY! We have recommended it to our family members who have also purchased the antenna. We will continue to recommend this product to our friends and family. Thank you!

Order: *****633
Body: Excellent product. this is the so far best antenna i got. get strong signal and many channels. much better than the one i got from radio shack-that one cost me $80. highly recommend it.

Order: *****326
Body: The buying process and service were spot on. The product does exactly what it says it will. VERY clear DTV. We have a small issue where every once in a while the antenna will get "stuck" and won't move. We can simply shake the antenna pole and it will start working again. Can be annoying if its raining. Also, there is no indication where the antenna is pointing, so you will need visual access when setting the locations or just press the button till it comes in. Otherwise, no issue at all with the company or process.

Order: *****121
Body: I was amazed at the picture quality and reception from my new antenna. It was simple to assemble, I used a chimney mount and a 3/4" conduit mast that I also purchased. The only problem I had was with the cable conectors, I broke both ends by titening them more than finger tite, the instructions did warn of this. I would recomend a better quality cable conectors as the ones supplied are awful. I was fortunate to have a few that were left over from another cable instalation. Once all hooked up, I set my flat screen on "air" as a antenna sourse and it self tuned over 15 chanels every bit the quality of what I recieve with Direct T-V. And the amazing thing was I didn't have to rotate the antenna. I won't be returning it.

Order: *****918
Body: A very good fringe area antenna. Easy to assemble and works good.

Order: *****573
Body: Delivery was ok, considering it came from California. Product was as expected. Price was satisfactory. Information on the product was excellant.

Order: *****457
Body: I don't know anything about customerservice as I didn't have to use it. The co. sent my antenna right away and it does what they said it would. So far I'm happy with their product

Order: *****675
Body: had a slight problem with making the rotor work. Your customer service rep was a great help and we solved the problem. antenna works great and is saving me over $80.00 a month in tv fees

Order: *****340
Body: Every thing they said a bought the antenna is true. Easy setup and good reception I live in a red zone and now I pick up 10 stations out of D.C. and Baltimore MD both over 100 miles from my location. Thanks R.E.M.

Order: *****023
Body: Antenna works greats,free tv and loving it

Order: *****035
Body: I just love my new Home Antenna. It's great! It picks up all the local channels and the signal strength is the best. Thanks Home Antenna

Order: *****702
Body: From PC to door was less than three days. Great service.

Order: *****437
Body: As far as the merchant goes, 5 stars. easy order, prompt shipping and communication during the process. All conditions were met. The product -HD-2805 TV Antenna , also works as advertized!! I procrastinated putting this antenna on the roof , since the weather turned bad here in PA. And I had my doubts about the dimunitave size, and price. Welp, 1st quarter of a playoff game (Eagles/Greenbay)- on the worst channel (FOX)- I had to do something, so a 'jury rigged' hookup was in order at the end of the 1st quarter. WOW !! Thank Goodness I did that !! Signal strength more than doubled, from this antenna , and hey, I have returned Bigger ,pricier, names to the sellers because they didn't work !!~any better than the big old 200mi. SHACK antenna strapped to my 2 story chimney. My 'jury rig' BTW -is a 6ft. garage broom handle pointed in the right direction - outside the back door. Welp, guess I have to put this on the roof, before the next snow. Nope, no cable or Dish for me !! Thanks Home Antenna !! C. in PA

Order: *****432
Body: Price was right , fast deliver , and it worked great right out of the box. How can you ask for more!

Order: *****149
Body: Maximun range for antenna is 35 miles. I was able to get more stations with rabbit ears. Merchant/Seller was very helpful and spent as much time as need with me to get the full benefit from the antenna. But nothing appeared to help increase stations availabilty up to the 100 miles as advertised.

Order: *****961
Body: It is a good antenna, great price, delivered on time. They held up their end of the bargain, I got good service and a good product for the money

Order: *****619
Body: Great product, fast service, what else do you want?

Order: *****698
Body: The antenae arrived as scheduled, I was a little surprised about the seemingly fragile nature of the parts. Although I have doubts it will survive more than a year or two in the area(very windy); I am pleased with the reception and picture quality. I would rate it as above

Order: *****624
Body: I have used these srevices twice. I have had very goodLuck both times. And the antena works just as good as it is adverised. I live in a valley that do not have any TV stations within about 80 to 100 miles in any direction from me. It recieves quite a few HD channels. Thanks, Donald E. Turlock, CA.

Order: *****476
Body: worked just as promised

Order: *****451
Body: Delivered as promised. Works very well.

Order: *****446
Body: From the east mountians could only receive channel 4 with old antenna. We have high wind so I did not want to put antenna outside. So this is above my TV and pulling in plenty of channels to make me a happy customer.

Order: *****401

Order: *****040
Body: Antenna works well. I use it indoors because i live righ next to electrical poles and train, so i get bad reception when train pass by. Not antennas faught but where i live. i can get channels sometimes from the next state over. would recomend to anyone and fast delivery. if you want to boycott cable then buy an antenna.

Order: *****016
Body: Was able to use pre-wired cable wires inside the house after removing a splitter connector. So far HD-2805 is working well! The directional stationary antennas were not acceptable! They did not accept many stations that the HD-2805 accepts. Also there are stations available that are not available on cable! The US Congress has made digital to analogue converters very difficult to use by requiring child and other controls mandatory! When these controls take over the TV locks up and eliminating the controls is extremely difficult if not impossible!

Order: *****908
Body: I am not in any way familiar with TV antenna's and I appreciated the way ordering,shipping and most importantly the easy assembly and as soon as i had completed the installation and turned everything on, I knew the antenna had been properly recommended for my area and it instantly brought in every channal available, ( about 18 ) (which is almost unheard of in my area) so i am very pleased with the entire purchase of this antenna and will be recommending this company to everyone i know. Thank You

Order: *****469
Body: Thank you for the great antenna, the rabbit ears were so poor for recieving TV reception. Great Product

Order: *****327
Body: Don E. Turlock, CA.= This antena works very good. It is mounted about 25 feet above the ground.I am recieving HD channels mostly. From approximately 80 miles south to Fresno and 100 miles to the north to Sacromento, CA.

Order: *****290
Body: Pictures came out very clear. Very happy with the basic channels that I was able to received and a few more others. Did not think possible to have antennae again and best of all, free tv again. Shipping was free and fast delivery.

Order: *****083

Order: *****787
Body: No negative comments. Would consider ordering from them in future. Please remove me from future mailings.

Order: *****583
Body: im happy about finding your company now if this thingie antenna gets me a few channels im gonna dump dish network the price of programming has driven any normal working man or woman from being able to afford the prices they charge for renting a movie is totally over the edge even local channels I HOPE EVERONE IN THE COUNTRY BUYS AN ANTENNA FROM YOUR COMPANY! im telling everyone i know about you, OH!the picture of the antenna had a big red dot on the front my didn"t WHAT UP WITH THAT?--what ever when i get it up ill let ya know THANKS ronbo727

Order: *****389
Body: I'm very pleased with the product and the service. The first antenna motor was defective. I emailed the company and they responded promptly and immediately sent a replacement motor. The antenna is up and works well. Thank you.

Order: *****394
Body: When I began to have a problem with my new rotating antenna, I informed the merchant of my problem with reception. They were able to give me a recommendation of a using RG 6 cable and by pass my mobile antenna wiring. When I changed my wire I began to receive better quality tv programing and more stations from the broadcasting locations south of my place toward Portland, Oregon. I am very pleased with all reception. Well done folks.

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